COMPANY PROFILE is a small industrial instrumentation company active on the Italian market since 1989. In that year Giuseppe Procida, wishing to follow in his father Cosimo’s footsteps as an excellent craftsman in glass working and instrumentation, decided to dedicate his energy to the modernization and expansion of the company.
Initially the emphasis was on the realization of a vast range of high quality articles in the company’s traditional sectors and the consolidation of collaboration with some of the major suppliers in Italy.
The next step, made possible thanks to a restructuring of the production organization, was to increase the variety of products offered, especially analog manometers, thermometers, separators, etc. used in many production applications.
Thanks to experience acquired and a consolidated group of qualified staff, our flexible and dynamic company is currently able to supply not only a rich variety of products, but also a series of services. Our laboratory is equipped with SIT certified samples for issuing measurement certificates, is able to carry out rapid repairs, and can supply on short notice the more frequently requested products in its catalogue.
Today, with the experience matured and a competitive line of products, is ready to face new challenges. Our enthusiastic and coordinated team are determined to make inroads into the Italian market, confident we can meet the needs of our existing customers and of new customers wishing to collaborate with us.



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